Monday, 30 December 2013

I work at a new blog!

Hey guys I just came to say I work at a weebly website if you would like to know it and visit it click HERE!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

2 hacker alerts!

See The Legend?! He has no face no mouth and no hair! Now I know what your thinking your thinking he is a Moderator well I tell you what he is not why? He is not a Moderator he is a Hacker! He can freeze you and you can NEVER EVER play SHU again! He can freeze the WHOLE game! It would say is not responding! He can even change YOUR name! He already froze Justice Boy! He changed someones name to LightSpeeed Plutonium! However, If you do come in touch with this DANGEROUS hacker please send an email to the moderators if he did anything WRONG but if he hacked inform ME my email address is and the moderators email address is please please stay away from this hero! NOTE: Always ALWAYS AL0-hero because if you are rude he will freeze you!

See the hero named Random? He is one of trinity heroes! This COULD be wrong or this could be right but just in case you ignore him because he is not a moderator if you would like to see him email me and I will show you him because he is in my friends list!

Stay Real Safe Heroes!


See the hero named The Legend he has no mouth no hair no face and has a Black Jacket! Also he has a complete red starjet you will see it if you click his player card! He is a hacker! He can freeze you he has already froze Justice Boy so he can never play SHU again! He can freeze the game it would say is not responding! He can also change your name he already changed my friends name to lightspeed plutonium! However, If you come in touch with this hero please report him to a real moderator (not ignore because it will say hes a moderator when he isn't)!

Stay Safe Heroes!