Hey guys I have created this rad blog but its still a work in progress... So I need some admins and authors to help me! If you would like to become an author please send an email to me my email address is and answer the questions

Space Heroes Universe Name:

Real Name:


Why you want to become an admin/author

Tell me a little bit about yourself

Do you understand what comes in the power of responsibility?

Please send us anyway we can contact you fast if you are needed e.g your email address



  1. Can i be an author? Email:

    1. Real name: Diana
      Age: 10
      REASON to become an authoress: i want to be FAMOUS in SHU
      A little bit about yourself: i am now on level 18. And i am an alien hero in shu and i am a little bit famous in shu.

  2. ok Zorro Metal a invite will be sent to your email address

  3. Ace Galactic is my name on SHU
    real name: Sally
    Age: 9(almost 10 )
    I need to be a authoress because i want to be later a author and i love SHU.
    I like to play SHU while hearing music, im level 19 on SHU, i also have a SHU youtube channel.